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I love snow! ❄️⛄️
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Let’s Go For A Hike
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Warming up on the enormous Beekeeper Boulder with Spectre and Suspended in Silence in the background
photo: Max Moore

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Carlo Traversi on “Center Direct” (V10)
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U-Boat 6c Magic Wood
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Asylum Crack Hueco Tanks
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Canmore IconBy PView
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Christine Balaz, 7b+ / 5.12d, Desplomilandia, Spain
photo: Martin Argus

I’m really excited to start competing again this Fall! My first competition will be on October 5 at my friend’s house (he has a bouldering wall in his house).  Hopefully I’ll get to compete on October 19 as well in Ohio.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to compete in the ABS comps on September 28 and October 26 because of prior commitments.  However, I’m a stronger sport climber anyway so I’ll just focus on training for the SCS.  In the Spring. 

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This was my favorite climb of my CO trip. I can’t wait to get back outside! #flagstaff #tbt
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I love these! 😍😍😍
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@sheneenagins going hard in the paint during a #night #sesh on a stout climb in the #campground sector of the #grampians #petzl #adidasoutdoor #hardclimbing #rocks #bouldering
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